Company Profile

The Karnati Labs, Inc. started operations in 2005 and offers over 5000 Chemicals with our dedicated scientific professionals. These chemicals range from Amino Acids and their derivatives, peptides, Bio Chemicals, building blocks, Critical Intermediates for Research and Development, Chiral Compounds, fine chemicals, drugs and drug intermediates.

Karnati Labs, Inc has the facility in Hyderabad and capabilities to supply quantities based on customer requirements timely fashion from grams to tonnages.

We, at Karnati Labs, have the infrastructure to produce any specific requirement on a customized basis. With the state of the art production facilities, excellently supported by a group of organic chemists, Hexagon Labs assures customer satisfaction and proud commitment to quality at every level ensures product consistency and transaction integrity at all times.

The Promoters and staff at Karnati Labs, Inc have proven skills in doing research and manufacturing of chemicals, and are proud that our products are the industry standards for the leading and cutting edge research and many expanding frontiers in chemistry. We are committed to accelerating the process of bringing exciting new compounds to market.